professional skin analysis

professional skin analysis

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professional skin analysis

1. 10 mega pixels with 4-time magnifier
2. Auto-focus
3. Auto-analysis
4. UV voice system
5. 3:4 preview system
6. Front slant window
7. Supports multilingualism
Illumination (RGB): 8,800 Lux
Color temperature: 7200K
Light: white light (RGB)
Polarized light (PL)
Ultraviolet light (UV)
Image features
Canon 1/1.7′ ‘CCD sensitization device, max resolutions 4000×3000 pix
Signal output interface
USB2.0: video output mode
Preview output mode: 16:9
Dimension: 40*30*35cm
Weight: 12kg
Working environment: 10 – 35°C
Power specification: AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz, 80W
Monitor resolution: >=1280 x 800 pixels



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Omics data analysis skin for SIMCA is dedicated to handling omics data and helps you to get the reliable results SIMCA is known for, in a quicker and easier way. The new Analysis Wizard provides a stepwise, interactive guide to data analysis and identification of discriminating parameters.

The Omics skin is designed for analysis of omics data, such as MS, NMR, identified metabolites and chromatographic data, but any data type can be analyzed.

The customized Home tab makes features commonly used for Omics data analysis easily accessible. Workset and model creation can both be performed as in the standard SIMCA and using the analysis wizard, which guides you through the data analysis from appropriate scaling of data, via raw data analysis and data consistency check, to the final discriminant analysis and identification of discriminating parameters. Parameters identified as interesting for further study are presented in a list including vectors like p-value, fold change and coefficient of variation.


The Analysis wizard focus on analysis of the 2 group problem, for instance to determine differences between a control group and a treated group.

The Omics skin is installed as part of the standard SIMCA 15 installation. If you wish to use them and they are not shown as options under File | New, enable them in File | Options, SIMCA options,?Skins section. Set Yes on the skins you wish to enable.?

The Omics skin is free of charge.

Skin peels are a safe method of regenerating and resurfacing the skin, gently removing layers of dead skin cells while at the same time stimulating the production of new skin cells. Eastern Skin Therapy provides individualised peel packages that will cater to your specific skin needs.

After your skincare professional analyses your skin with a magnifying and Wood’s lamp, an appropriate and customised peel is prepared and applied to the treatment area. Our skin peels are designed to improve skin quality with maximum results and minimum downtime. The condition of the skin being treated will determine how many treatments are required.

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